This policy document outlines our mission and operation statement and details the entry procedure into the school.


We at Ballymahon Vocational School accept responsibility to raise awareness of the effects of harassment and bullying both on the individual and on the school community as a whole and to put measures in place which allow the quick and confidential reporting of bullying and harassment and which demand immediate and appropriate reaction.
The school is committed to develop, implement and monitor procedures and guidelines aimed at securing equality of treatment for all. Our aim is to eliminate bullying in all its forms from our school.

Behaviour Management

Our policy document “Behaviour Management”, which has the approval of students and parents, sets out clearly our constructive approach to discipline.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is a central feature of school policy. We endeavour to cater for the moral, psychological, social and emotional needs of all the students. This is administered through a network of Year Heads who take special responsibility for the personal welfare of students under their care as group and on an individual basis. We also have a qualified Counsellor who will meet our students on an individual basis to deal with particular issues confidentially. The year head is the first point of contact for parents seeking information on the progress of their son or daughter.

Crisis Management

It is our policy to respond to a crisis situation in a structured and supportive manner, to ensure that our students, staff and parents can avail of the most effective and timely interventions following a crisis/critical incident.

The Plan includes Three Stages
Stage 1. The identification of potential crisis
Stage 2. The identification of suitable personnel and support agencies
Stage 3. The apportioning of action plans and responsibilities

Learning Support

Following consultation with primary school teachers, parents and initial school assessment, pupils requiring resource help are allocated a number of special classes each week, depending on the needs and resources available.
We work along with N.E.P.S. staff undertaking assessments of students

Guidance Service

Guidance Service is provided at the school in the form of timetabled guidance classes for Leaving Cert, Vocational Preparation Module for LCAP, Vocational Preparation module for PLC, one-to-one guidance and counselling for final year students, and personal counselling for individuals as required.

School Uniform

Students are obliged to wear the complete school uniform at all times when in school and involved in school related activities. The uniform consists of a grey polo shirt, maroon jumper, grey slacks or skirt and navy school fleece. These are all available locally and failure to comply with the Uniform Policy is seen as a breach of school rules.


Homework is an essential element in a pupil’s progress and is monitored closely by all teachers. Parents are also asked to monitor their child’s homework by checking and signing their homework diary regularly.

Substance Misuse

The school does not accept or tolerate the possession, use, or supply of banned or prohibited drugs and/or drug paraphernalia by any student in the school, on school trips and outings, or during any school-related activity. The use of properly prescribed drugs is acknowledged and we insist that parents of students taking prescribed medication inform the school in writing of that fact.

Child Protection Policy

The School recognises that child protection and welfare considerations permeate all aspects of school life and must be reflected in all the school’s policies, practices and activities.