Extra Curricular Activities

Sports Hall

The hall is allocated to classes during lunchtime to play basketball, badminton, indoor hockey and football.


Every second year most of the students get involved in a school musical which takes place in the school gym. Rehearsals take place outside of the class time and combines drama and music.

Gaelic Football

We play Gaelic football at all levels and have been very successful at local, Leinster and even National levels. We have a number of students each year on the County Longford Vocational Schools

Ladies’ Football

We have developed a Ladies’ Football Team under the guidance of Mr James Galvin

Home Garden

Each year our junior students take part in the Home / Garden competition whereby they are given seeds and encouraged to cultivate a small garden. The winners are presented with a prize each year.

Gaeltacht Scholarships

Each year in conjunction with County Longford VEC, we offer two Gaeltacht scholarships to Fourth Year students.

French Scholarships

We also offer two scholarships to Fourth Year students to attend a French College.

Green Schools Project

In 2003 our school started on the road towards achieving a Green Flag. We have our logo and in 2004 we achieved our goal by receiving a Green Flag for our school. We celebrated this launch in October 2004. Our aim is to have a litter-free school and develop a positive approach to recycling and environmental issues.

School Tours

During each school year, we bring our students in small groups on educational tours. Every 2 / 3 years we organise a foreign trip for 4 / 5 days. Each year as part of the physical education programme, an outdoors event is organised for 2 / 3 days, where participants engage in activities such as canoeing, abseiling, mountain climbing, etc.

Involvement with Local Community

Local industry provides work experience for our L.C.V.P. students. Past pupils come to the school as guest speakers and share their experiences from the workplace and industry.

Our Sports Hall is used after school by many local clubs and organisations. The VEC’s Youthreach Programme participants use the hall during designated school hours.

Boys and girls who join our school will be joining a school where responsibility, self-reliance and initiative are valued. They will have the opportunity to embark on five enjoyable and productive years and can expect to be well prepared and qualified for the next phase of their lives.