Junior Cycle

First year students follow an induction programme designed to facilitate their transition from primary to post-primary school. As part of this programme first years that part in mentoring project where Transition Year students and Fifth year students act as mentors to the first years assisting them in getting settled into the school.

First year students also participate in a subject taster programme which allows them to sample subjects and select the optional subjects best suited to their individual aptitudes, talents and academic excellence. We are currently in the process of introducing the new Junior Cycle Programme in the school. English was introduced in 2014 and will be examined in June 2017. Science and Business Studies were introduced this year with Irish, Modern Languages and Art, Craft & Design on the new Junior Cert Programme for the following year. Students study ten subjects for the new Junior cycle. The school also offers the Junior Certificate schools Programme (JSCP).

Business StudiesTechnical GraphicsMaterials Tech WoodInformation TechnologyHome Economics

In preparation for the Junior Cert studying and learning are essential. Here is study guide to help students and parents. 3RD-YEAR-STUDY-LEARNING-TO-LEARN-IGC