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The Junior Certificate is a three-year course which builds on the foundation of Primary Education. It aims to provide a broad and balanced course of study in an enriching and supportive learning environment

The following range of subjects are available at Higher, Ordinary and Foundation Levels (where applicable):


Irish S.P.H.E
English Choir
Mathematics French
Science History
Geography C.S.P.E.
Business Studies P.E.
Home Economics Music
Technical Graphics Art
Woodwork Metalwork
Religious Education Computer Studies

Junior Certificate School Programme

Junior Certificate School Programme was initiated  in Sept 2008. A core group of teachers are involved in setting up the programme (English, Mathematics, practical and other general subjects) to:

- Provide a fresh approach to the Junior Certificate Programme.
- Meet the learning needs of students.
- Support these students in achieving successful learning outcomes in the junior certificate programme.
- Improve their skills in literacy and numeracy.
- Enhance their social and personal development.
- Support the development of their skills and life skills.
- Support them in achieving a final positive record of achievement.
- Support them in achieving the optimun results in Junior Certificate Examination

Supervised Study

Supervised study is made available to all pupils for two hours, after school, on five evenings a week. Subject to minimum numbers.


Introduction of TY at Ballymahon Vocational School
We are pleased to announce the introduction of Transition Year in Ballymahon Vocational School in September 2014. The staff have been developing the programme over the last school year in conjunction with the former National Co-ordinator of Transition Year – Mr Michael O Leary.
During the year we have worked closely with parents and students in preparing the programme. We are delighted with the uptake and we are pleased to announce that we will have two TY classes starting in September. It is certainly a milestone and an exciting time for our school and our students.
From September we will keep parents up to date regarding TY activities and events as they unfold.


The following Leaving Certificate subjects are available at Higher, Ordinary and Foundation levels (where applicable):


Irish P.E.
English Agricultural Science
Mathematics Biology
Business Chemistry
Construction Studies French
Design & Communication graphics Physics
Engineering History
Geography Music
Home Economics (Social and Scientific) Art


All students will have the option of taking the E.C.D.L.

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