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School Notes 25/09/2020

BT Young Scientist Exhibition: Students in BVS are busy brainstorming for this year’s BT Young Scientist Exhibition. The Science Department is delighted to see a great interest and excitement among our student body as they work hard on their scientific ideas and experimental designs. The closing date for the entry of all projects is Thursday, 1st October. If any student is eager to apply they can share their ideas and get guidance from Ms Mulcahy or Ms Rooney. We have our fingers crossed that some of our budding scientists in BVS will get to represent the school at this year’s first ever virtual BT Young Scientist. Best of luck to all who are entering.

Technology Upgrade: Ballymahon Vocational School has recently seen an improvement in its broadband connection speed and is soon to be upgrading further to 200mb fibre broadband. All students have been encouraged to use MS Teams and Notebook to submit homework and assignments online. To help with this new approach, students have been provided with their own network which they can connect to. In addition to this all teachers were recently equipped with portable keyboards and mice so as facilitate the change to a more ‘base classroom’ approach to teaching regarding Covid 19. Additionally, many projectors have been equipped with wireless adaptors allowing portable devices to connect straight to projectors. In this way teachers are able to enhance teaching and learning while maintaining social distance.

New Subject Added to the Curriculum: Here in BVS Physical Education has been introduced as a Leaving Certificate exam subject for our current Fifth Year cohort. It’s absolutely fantastic to be able to offer Leaving Certificate PE to our students as it really solidifies the importance of PE and rewards students with an interest in the subject for their Leaving Certificate. The subject offers incredibly useful content such as diet and nutrition, biomechanics, target setting and planning, as well as developing students’ skills of observation, teamwork and problem solving. With physical literacy being just as important for individuals as any other type of literacy, Leaving Certificate PE is the first step to a healthier and happier society.

Student Council: Nominations are underway for the Student Council presently. An email has been sent to each student and the nominations will be completed by this Friday, October 25th. Elections will be held with results to follow on Wednesday, 30th September. This is the first year that the nominations will be held electronically on Forms. Sincere gratitude is expressed to the outgoing members of our Student Council for your dedication and hard work over your term of office. Best wishes in the future to Liam Martin and Wayne Smith who completed their Leaving Certificate this year. Both lads did tremendous work on the Student Council over the last five years and were great ambassadors for our school community.

Transition Year Update: Over the past number of weeks our TY Team have had to redesign aspects of the TY programme in order to comply with Covid regulations. Our first outing took place on Thursday 24th September. As it was National Fitness Day we linked in with Longford Sports Partnership and went cycling along the canal. We are very lucky to have this amenity on our doorstep and for some of us it was our first time to see this fantastic resource first hand. Thanks to Ms. McCabe for organising this outing and thanks to Ms. Ryan for accompanying us on the trip.

Covid Update: It’s one month since we returned to school and things have been very different this year. We have many new rules and regulations in order to keep our school community safe. A sincere word of thanks to everyone in our school who worked so hard to ensure everything was in order for our return and thank you to all members of our school community for adhering to our new regulations. Keep up the good work going forward. Stay Safe.

(Left) Every good wish to Daniel Penrose, Leaving Certificate class of 2020, Ballymahon Vocational School. Daniel is excited to take up his place at Trinity College. Dublin as he furthers his studies in Computer Science, a challenging & exciting course with a focus on innovation & cutting-edge technology.

(Right) Many congratulations to Adam Penrose of the Leaving Certificate Class of 2020, Ballymahon Vocational School. Adam is excited to pursue his interests in the specialism of Film and Media Studies with further study at Dublin Business School where his chosen course allows students to develop a dynamic relationship with the contemporary audio-visual sector.  We have no doubt that Adam will enjoy great success in his chosen field.

New Staff: We welcome warmly many new staff members to our school. We hope that you will be very happy in BVS.

Thought for the Week: “Difference is of the essence of humanity. Difference is an accident of birth and it should therefore never be the source of hatred or conflict. The answer to difference is to respect it. Therein lies a most fundamental principle of peace; respect for diversity”- John Hume.

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